Sunday, February 8, 2009

Smart Catering Options for Business Meetings

I just attended my company's Sales Kickoff this week. I was very grateful for the healthy food options they had at the event. Months ago, I made a suggestion to the planner to have healthier meal and snacks options. Thankfully, the planner listened and arranged full breakfasts like oatmeal, eggs, pastries, and fruit instead of the typical contential breakfast. At one snack break, we had carrots and celery and another we had make-your-own trail mix! I was so pleased. But here is the thing....I made a suggestion and they listened.

Have you been to work events and all they serve is continental breakfast and you eat fruit and pastries and 2 hours into the meeting you're hungry and distracted? It doesn't make any sense? That's why I keep snacks in my bag just in case.

When planning your work meetings and you're planning to serve food, think about what you're serving. Food is fuel. If you want people to be productive and pay attention and not fall asleep after lunch during a key presentation, you need to consider what you're serving them for a meal. Pizza? Fatty sandwiches? Fried foods? Sugary treats? All these things may taste good, but they don't provide the fuel that your body needs to focus on the work at hand.

Have a group meeting coming up? Here's what to do...
  • Make a suggestion to have healthier options for food to the event planner
  • Good meal picks are green salads, soups, build-your-own-sandwiches, fresh fruit
  • Snacks like trail mix, fresh fruit, veggies and hummus, or cheese and crackers
  • If you can't influence the food choices, bring your own snacks with you

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