Meet Amanda

Hi, I'm Amanda. Nice to meet you. I'm mother to Ava and wife to Aaron. Aaron and I met 9 years ago, we've been married for over 7, and it's been an amazing ride. We're one little cozy family. Ava was born in March 2010 and my brain has literally re-wired from how I lived before. I'm still a career-driven person as before, but now my heart has expanded since I've become a mother and I'm constantly looking for ways to achieve work-life balance. I work very hard at maintaining our overall healthy and well being by cooking fresh meals for us. I started this blog because my friends and family were always asking me for tips, recipes, and ideas for healthy lifestyle. Now that I've become a mother so you'll see that I try to cover family news as well. It's all rolled in here. I'm always looking for suggestions on products to review or recipes to try so if you have info to share or want to guest blog, please email me: