Recipes that I share on this blog are mostly my own or modified from my favorite sources. I like to share healthy recipes that you and your family can enjoy. I look for ways to make healthy meals in efficient and cost effective ways. Not too long ago, I had the idea to make butternut squash risotto on a weeknight. Notice that it's not on the blog? Aaron had to do most of the risotto stirring and babysitting at the stove while I was upstairs nursing the baby. He reminded me that we should keep it very simple on weeknights because we have a 1-year old baby. Aaron is always a fan on making things easy, but I like to experiment so it's good to balance each other. The pictures of the meatballs on the cookie sheet along side the finished dinner of meatballs and fettuccine reminds me that I like to try to find the easy, efficient methods that save time because in the kitchen no matter how many people you're cooking for, slaving away on elaborate meals isn't always realistic when you have busy lives. I love cooking and when I have a free hour on the weekend, that's where I am with the baby on the floor playing on the sling. But, meal planning is easier when you have a stocked pantry, efficient work zones, and the right equipment.

Fan Favorites: From my friends and family, here are the recipes that I've shared that they make now.

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