Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Workout Move to Strengthen Core and Hip

I went to my chiropractor, Dr. Wolf, a couple weeks ago. He recommended a new strength training exercise that he says has improved his skiing so much that he's a better skiier at 40 than his 20's. He suggested it for me because I need effective core exercises that can also strengthen my hip. I tried it today at lunch and it's very challenging and kept my heart rate up!
All you need is a Bosu ball. My gym keeps by the personal training area.
One Leg Squat on Upside Down Bosu
  • Place the bosu upside down in front of a mirror (it helps for balance)
  • Place one foot in the middle of the flat part of the upside down ball
  • The lifted leg should be bent behind (instead of forward)
  • Balance yourself to make sure you are stable
  • Then, with a neutral spine and hips aligned, squat with the one leg.
  • Don't go too low and hips should be even in height.
  • Alternate to the other leg
  • Sets: 3 x 12-15 reps per leg
I alternated this exercise with Lunges on the Diagonal using free weights.
My personal trainer gives me loads of balance training exercises like this one. Between her workouts and my monthly chiropractic adjustments, I have no more lower back pain!

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