Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes

We have been cloth diapering Alexander since the beginning. With Ava we didn't switch to cloth until she was close to a year. This time around I have also started using cloth wipes. We still have disposable wipes because Aaron likes them, but I use the cloth. You almost always need only one wipe because it's so thorough. I stocked up on Bumpkins flannel wipes and they're so soft!

My dilemma was how to use cloth wipes easily. I thought it would be easy to spray a solution from a bottle onto the wipe before each use. But I thought the wipes weren't wet enough. 

So I came up with a new idea. I use an old disposable wipe container and put the wipe solution with the cloth wipes in the container. It lasts me about 2 1/2 to 3 days. Alex is a heavy and frequent wetter so we're doing tons of diaper changes at his stage. But he is a newborn so it's expected. 

DIY Cloth Baby Wipe Recipe:
2 cups distilled water (or boiled water cooled)
2 tbs Dr. Bonner's Castille Soap 
1 tbs oil of choice*
2-3 drops essential oil (Mellaluca or Lavender)

Measure ingredients in a quart Mason jar using a funnel. Put the lid on and swish to mix. 

I like the Honest Company body oil for this, but just purchased Apricot Seed Oil which is good for hair, skin, and cosmetic uses. 

Use the mild Castile soap scents and match the scent with the essential oil. Mellaluca and Lavender oils are great for baby's skin. 

I mix the solution and keep it in the bathroom until I need it. 

Fold the cloth wipes in half when you fold the diaper wash so they are ready to go. I have about 48 wipes which is plenty for rotating through the wash. 

Just take about 5 wipes at a time and pour the liquid into the wipes container to saturate. I just add until I run out of clean wipes. I typically have leftover solution for the next round. 

It's comforting knowing that the wipes are all natural and so gentle on the baby's skin. And when you're changing the baby's diaper you can throw the soiled wipe in with the dirty diaper. 

Here's the original wipe recipe that I modified.

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