Monday, June 22, 2009

Scam or Fab? "As Seen on TV" Produce Saver Bags...

So what are these infomercial produce saver bags and are they a scam or fabulous? My vote - FAB and worth the money! I get produce saver bags from my organic produce delivery company for some items because it's a bonus they throw in for their customers. I never used them before last year when I started the service. Now I love them! So why are they worth the money?

First, if you're eating fresh produce in season, that means the fruits and vegetables are in abundance so you can buy more quantity for less money! This is great for your budget. But when you buy more, the green bags help you keep the produce fresh longer, rather than rotting from sitting on your counter. Sure, you got the green beans on sale, but if they go bad before you eat it, what's the point, right? That's why my delivery service includes bags. They sell them so if you try them, you're likely to buy more from them. But the company knows that it's a practical way to store the produce to keep longer. I get my produce delivered ever 2 weeks and make it last with the green bags. Here are some ideas....

Tips on using produce saver bags:
  • Re-use them as much as 7-8 times.
  • Rinse the bag and dry off inside and outside completely.
  • Store dry bags by rolling them tightly inside a large plastic container to help stay organized. Save until your shopping trip.
  • When you do your shopping, pull out the produce bags and place dry produce inside the dry Green Bags.
  • Store all produce in the refrigerator.
  • For delicate produce like slightly under-ripe pineapple, tomatoes or peaches, keep refrigerator in the green bag until 2 days prior to eating. Take only what you can eat right away and place on the counter to ripen.
  • You really only need to buy medium and large sizes. The large sizes are perfect for your leafy greens, bags of apples, lettuce and medium bags are great for everything else like tomatoes, herbs, peppers, etc.

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