Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Practical Reasons to Purge Your Closet of those Pesky Skinny Jeans!

What a strange adulthood phenomenon…keeping those “skinny jeans” in the back of your closet or bottom of your drawer to see if you fit into them in the future. Yes, those are the jeans of your personal ideal size that you aspire to be one day again. I have friends of all shapes and sizes that do this. I suspect that even guys do this, too! Last night, I was with 3 girlfriends and all of us confessed to have our own pair of skinny jeans for the hope that one day they will fit us. But what if we do fit into those jeans one day? The reality will set in that you have accomplished your goal and worked hard to achieve the giant feat of getting back to pre-baby, pre-marriage, pre-life-craziness and you model them in the privacy of your home and gasp…go in public with out-of-style jeans! See that’s the problem. Jeans are a wardrobe staple now, but they need to be updated for cut, style, and rinse. Unless you want to be spotted around town wearing the dreaded “Mommy Jean” – the high-waist taper-leg, light rinse disaster, you need to update your wardrobe for something flattering and comfortable!

Practically speaking, you don’t want to look like a fool wearing 5, even 10-year old jeans! There are a myriad of options for every size and shape person! Even if you’re on a budget, if you wear these coveted pair of stylish denim jeans once a week for the next year and they cost you $150 to buy, that’s still only $2.88 per wearing! If you’re on a tight budget, go for more versatile styles that have a darker rinse (more flattering) and can be dressed up with nice leather shoes (and pumps for the ladies) or dressed down with casual shoes and shirts.

The most important thing is to always love yourself and feel confident every day, regardless of your size and shape. Taking pride in your physical appearance is essential both professionally and personally. If you’re not convinced, add TLC’s What Not to Wear to your Tivo list. Those folks that get the makeovers are usually putting themselves last or suffering confidence issues. People that look “put together” are less distracting and more ATTRACTING, which helps with landing the job, promotion, date, and keeping the marriage interesting.

Just think of all the SPACE you can regain in your closet if you’re harboring more than just 1 pair of skinny jeans! Living in a cozy condo in the city, space is a premium and I intend to use it wisely. My husband is a much bigger fan of purging than me so he encourages me to just purge! Donate the clean, lightly worn clothes to charity and turn the rest to rags or just throw it away.

Now look, there’s a 1-hour project that has a big payoff.

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