Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product Review: Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bustier

This post is for my working, breastfeeding mom friends. You know I'm all about time saving tips. I have to share this really cool new product that I've been using the past couple weeks. I pump at work 3 times a day and have been holding the breastshields in place and balancing my iPhone to check email or make calls at the same time. Now, I'm using this Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra. I tried a Le Leche League branded pumping bra and it just didn't work for me so I was a little hesitant to spend more money on something that might work, but this product really blew me away.

I thought at first that you had to wear this every day, but then I realized that you can zip it on really quickly over your existing nursing bra that you're already wearing. I don't use the shoulder straps. I keep this bra in my pumping bag at work and then just take home once a week to wash it.

My favorite part is that the holes for the breastshields are very secure because they open in two different directions. You slip the shields in the first direction and then the other, then make sure that your nipples are in the center of the tunnel. The bra is highly customizable for fit so the shield seal really well, I find that pumping is faster and there's less mess! I used to get drips on my clothes because I was flipping pages or moving around. These milk spots leave marks from the milk fat.

I find that since the breastshields are so secure, they are strong enough to use a variety of bottle sizes 5oz or 8oz and even the Medela Pump and Save Bags. I'm a high volume mom so I like that no matter if I use the bottle or bag, everything is stable. All that milk can get heavy and it still does a great job and keeping everything in place. I get the Pump and Save Bags from the Milk Bank that I donate Ava's extra milk to and it's great because I put them right to the freezer when I get home from work.

The best part is that I can type with both hands, which makes me super productive. I can work and pump at the same time! It's SO awesome! Before I took my laptop in with me to pump sometimes, but I used it to read industry articles and review documents. Now, I'm able to sit back and relax or work depending on what's going on and it goes so quickly. At work, we book the Mother's Room in 30 minutes increments in Outlook and if you're running behind because of meetings, it's nice to have a bra like this to help you get in and out efficiently. Timing is tight because there are other moms sharing the room so we have to be diligent with making our designated times during a crazy work day.

Helpful hints...
  • Before you pump for the first time, adjust the fit at home before you go to work. This helps because you can making all the adjustments at home and take your time to get the right fit. At work, you only have a very limited time to pump.
  • I have to sit upright and make sure that I'm not slouching so there's room for the bottles or Pump and Save bags to fill.
  • Once you turn on your pump, you might need to make minor adjustments to the tunnel placement.
  • When you pull the breastshield off make sure to tilt it away from you so that you can save the milk in the shield.
  • I use the bustier without the shoulder straps because it's easier to slip it on just before pumping.
I'm very impressed with this time saver. It's well worth the $35 purchase price to make your pumping session easier, faster, and much more efficient.

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