Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Breastfeeding Story

I'm so excited to share my breastfeeding story with the moms in La Leche League and all of you. My guest post was published today on the blog for my local LLL chapter that I attend. The moms in this group are very supportive and if you're pregnant or nursing at any stage - nursing or toddler, the comfort that these moms can provide you as you navigate the breastfeeding parenting style is amazing!

My story is about my journey of growth and learning of becoming a mother. Our family friend, Shawn Pierce, took these nursing photos as part of a Nursing is Normal project that he's spearheading with his wife, Jill, who is a new LLL leader. We took them at Butler University and in the first picture on the top left, that's Aaron sitting on the bench near us. The project seeks to raise awareness for breastfeeding in general, especially nursing in public so moms won't feel intimidated with nursing their babies.

Every breastfeeding mom has their own story of their nursing relationship with their children. My relationship with Ava is centered on our bond that we share and I believe it largely stems from our breastfeeding relationship that we worked hard to master. What I've learned is fathers have a part in this relationship as the support for mom and baby. They are in the triad! Some nights all we do is nurse and then that's when Aaron makes me a sandwich or washes dishes for me. My husband is truly a dream come true.

What is your story?

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