Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My First Solo Mom Weekend

This past weekend, Aaron was off for a 4-day annual canoe camping trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with his two best friends. They take a canoe down the river with their gear and camp along the way. It the first time Aaron had got out of town since Ava was born. It's a little scary since Aaron doesn't have mobile service when he's up there. I was home sick from work on Thursday, which wasn't a good way to start things off. I was lucky that Ava was content to play while I cooked myself some chicken, veggie, and brown rice soup that night for dinner. I ate the entire pot of soup throughout the weekend and it really hit the spot since I wasn't feeling great.

Since I was sick on Thursday, I decided that I should go into the office on Friday instead of do my usual work-from-home day. I got the baby ready for daycare on Friday morning by myself without being too late for work. It was a miracle! Aaron helps me so much in the morning by getting Ava dressed and one last clean diaper. He plays with her while I'm pumping and getting Ava's first bottles ready for daycare and getting dressed. I have to pump after she nurses and before I leave for the office because of my high volume supply and I like her to have that first bottle from my morning milk. The morning milk is less fatty and more thirst-quenching. I try to give Ava what she would get from me if we were together. It all worked out! I got her to daycare, even though I was still really sick with a fever! I know lots of moms survive their partners traveling, but this was my first time so I was happy.

Friday night, our family friends came to stay with us because their daughters raced in the marathon. I was glad to have the Bollingers staying with me and Ava because the house is a little too quiet without Aaron here. On Saturday morning, Ava and I were getting ready to Skype with one of best friends and I noticed a crazy sight in our backyard. The neighbors horses were loose in our yard! I took this picture, but there were 8 horses in all. I freaked out and so did Bena. She barked in the sun room like crazy. I was planning on going to there house to tell them that the horses were out and by the time I went back downstairs, they were called back home. I was surprised how easily they went back when called.

Saturday afternoon we had a playdate with one of the babies at daycare, which was fun. Ava and Corey are really cute together! They like to socialize. The rest of the weekend flowed really well. Ava was in such a good mood and we took naps together so I could rest and get over my cold.

Sunday morning, I set Ava down on the counter next to the coffee maker while I was pouring my coffee. She was reaching for the tomatoes so I gave her one to look at. I thought it was so funny that I took a picture, then when I looked back it was in her mouth! Ironically, she hates solid food, but seems to like to put that tomato in her mouth to ease her sensitive teeth and gums!

Another first this weekend...Ava rode in the shopping cart sitting up in the front. We just switched her from the infant car seat so now we have to carry her or use the stroller when we go places. I bought this really cushy shopping cart pad that folds in on itself so it's easy to use. I REALLY liked it! It's great because you don't have to clean the cart and it's cushy on the sides to help hold her up. Even though she's stable, she does get tired and falls over sometimes.

I did a lot of cooking! Ava likes to be in the kitchen with Mommy. I cooked a butternut squash, pumpkin, and beets on Saturday night. Then on Sunday made a pumpkin pie, butternut squash and pecan muffins, and a broccoli chicken casserole. I put on music in the kitchen and depending on what I was doing had Ava in the Bumbo chair, lying on a blanket with toys where she played or in the sling while I was using the stand mixer. Ava loves to watch the Kitchen Aid mixer!

Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend with PERFECT Fall weather. Most of all it helped raise my confidence that I can do the solo-Mommy thing once and awhile. But it sure was so sweet to have Aaron home for all of us!!

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  1. Love it and love all the great food you are cooking. So fun watching your girl grow up with such great values.