Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make the Most of Your Personal Training Sessions

In these economic times, consumers are holding off on non-essential big ticket items like buying houses, cars, and electronics. Personal training sessions can fall under this category. But, working out with a personal trainer has a lot of benefits especially for people need to shake up their routine and access their current fitness goals. I've seen many discount promotions at my gym lately to motivate gym-goers to take advantage. As a budget-minded gal, I think about getting the most value from these workouts.

Now, might be the right time to take advantage of the special offers! But, before you do, consider these tips to get the most benefit from your personal training workouts....

  • Be honest: Before you meet with your personal trainer, be honest with yourself and tell him/her your realistic fitness goals, past injuries, and insights on what motivates you.

  • Do-It-Yourself-Workout: Ask your trainer to create your personal workout so that you can do it alone without your trainer there. Some workouts require complex machines or two-person moves that you can't do on your own.

  • Be a student of your workout: Get the proper form and tips on the moves while your trainer is with you and remember them for when you're on your own. I still pull these out even two years later.

  • Ask for homework: My trainer is great about emailing me the link to my personal workout that I keep on-hand for future. It shows pictures and instructions for times when I'm on my own.

  • Schedule the sessions 1 or 2 weeks apart: This way you can do the workout routine on your own and ask your trainer follow-up questions the next time you see them. You'll be more likely to remember these moves long-term if you do it yourself right your session.

  • Mix it up: Between my personal training sessions, I mix up the workouts and do them on my own.

Please email me your tips that have worked for you.

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