Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm "Ava-Mom"

Last night, we went to the Pierce's house for dinner. It was a bring-a-dish kind of get-together with good friends. We had burgers, pulled pork, grilled corn, fruit salad, blueberry dessert, and I made a Greek salad to share. It's so nice to pull together something last minute just so everyone can see each other without having the pressure of making a giant meal.

The Pierce's daughter, Violet, is just over 2 yrs old and she and Ava are already friends. When Ava was a week old, her dad, Shawn, took Ava's newborn pictures at our house and Violet wanted to hold her on her lap. Violet's mom, Jill, helped her little tot hold Ava. We see each other often with other friends or even Le Leche League Meetings, where Jill is becoming a Leader.

On the 4th of July weekend, the Pierce's came to our house for a get together we hosted with friends and Violet asked if she could play with Ava in her swing. Jill strapped Ava in and Violet wanted to push her just like her own outdoor swing in the yard. Ava laughed and squealed even though it was a little high and Jill told Violet to be gentle.

What I love about all this is these two is that Ava (4 1/2 months) and Violet (26 months) are already becoming friends! When we're getting together Violet gets excited when her parents tell her that Baby Ava is coming over. Last night, Violet called me "Ava-Mom," which is so sweet. At one point when Ava was distracted from nursing and fussing Violet says "Ava-Mom, what she doing?" It melted my heart. By the way, Violet calls nursing "noosing." So cute. Ava and Violet sat on the rocking chair holding hands and later Jill read books to both of them. Violet picked out the stories and Ava turned the pages and listened. I've been reading to Ava since she was about a month old so she really likes books.

It started to get late and Ava was fussy and getting hot inside the house. She was really tired and over-stimulated so Jill suggested going out on the porch in front of the house where it's cool and relaxing. Ava seemed calmer and Jill helped me relax, too. I sincerely value my girlfriends that are mothers who have been there before me and share their experiences. Sometimes, I wonder what other moms have done in my situation. It's great to have two generations of friends, mom and daughter. I'm Ava-Mom.

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