Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Things I Want to Remember about Ava Turning 5 Months

Ava enters her 5th month on her Grandpa Volarvich's birthday, which was Aug 12. I miss him so much! I was a Daddy's girl and we had a strong bond. He was a good father to me and my three brothers, showing us lots of love and affection every chance it could. Ava definitely inherited the Volarvich cheeks!

Growing and so much! Ava is now about 17 lbs according to a recent weighing on the bathroom scale. She's been in 6-month clothes for awhile now mostly because she's so long!

  1. Our Little Book Worm: Ava enjoys books so much. She's very interested in holding the book, touching each page, and even turning the pages. She seems to know when we're done with the page, but many times doesn't wait. Her favorite book is Good Morning and Good Night touch and feel book. She pets the bunny's tail and likes to grab the "blanket" at the end for the little girl's bed. Here's a picture of Grandma Berkey reading to Ava.
  2. Great Mood - Laughing and Smiling: Ava is a very happy baby. Even when she's been sick and fussy, she's still a happy baby. When I open the car door when we're out and about, she gives me a HUGE smile. And when we play with Bena, Ava laughs so hard that her arms and legs shake! I have a voice recording and she's laughing for 30 seconds straight! It's really fun to see her humor and personality develop. She "talks" and vocalizes sounds all the time.
  3. Reaches her arms up to be picked up: About a week ago, Ava started to raise her little arms when she's ready for mommy or daddy to pick her up, especially in the Bumbo chair. She's now able to express herself a little better.
  4. At 5-months it's easier to take her out and about - during the day: We volunteered at the Lactation Station giving nursing moms a cool place to nurse their babies at the State Fair. We took a family walk last weekend in the park near our house. BUT, we're careful not to take her out in the evening because she's not happy about that. At night she likes her quiet routine at home and isn't cool with loud noises like at wedding receptions or an outdoor movie. By 8pm, she's ready to be home.
  5. Growing very strong and great hand control: Ava can hold herself in a sitting position with little assistance. I sit her in the middle of my crossed legs on the floor and she can hold herself well. I have to be careful with what is in my hands because she's quick about picking it up and holding it. Yesterday, I was cooking with her in the sling and I let her hold the slices of zucchini which she enjoyed. She doesn't know it's food so she didn't put it in her mouth. We still haven't hit the milestone of Ava rolling from her tummy to her back, but she is getting closer. She's able to move her hips and legs, but can't wait make it over. On her back she's really mobile and can roll to her side and back and go all over the floor that way. On her tummy, she can move using her arms.
Aaron has been teasing me with trying to give Ava tastes of food. He knows we're waiting until after 6-months (check out my post of making applesauce). But last Sunday, he let her lick a slice of ripe peach and she went through the roof with excitement! She licked it and gave a little squeal. He let her do it a few times and she squealed every time. Last night, I held a peach from the counter so she could smell it. I don't know what she was thinking, but she likes the new experiences. She still isn't ready for solids because she's content with mom's milk, still tongue thrusting, and not showing interest or sitting up. That will be something we offer her naturally when she's showing signs that she's ready.


  1. What a wonderful way to blog this milestone! Such a lucky little girl to have a momma like you.

    happy 5 months Ava!

  2. Thanks, Aly! I have so much fun blogging about what we're up to! I hope to see you and your family really soon!