Monday, July 5, 2010

Something New: Sitting in the Bumbo Chair

We love the Bumbo chair. Ava just started sitting in it at the house and at daycare. She doesn't do it too long, but it does help her build her strength for when she learns to sit unassisted. We think is so cute because it makes her seem really small when she's on the ground. We ate dinner the other night and Bena at our feet and Ava in the chair.

Last Thursday, Aaron's sister and her family stayed with us overnight on their way from Chicago to Memphis for their family reunion. Our nephew, Colin, 8-months, had a fun time hanging out with Ava. Although, you can really see how strong he is because he was raising himself up and only held on with one hand on Ava's chair. We had to really watch them closely because Colin doesn't know not to put his weight on Ava when he was climbing up on the chair! It was really cute! These two are going to have lots of fun in the future!

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