Friday, July 23, 2010

More Summer Fun with Ava

Ava is a vibrant 4-month old. It's so fun to watch her enjoy every day life. Tonight before dinner, Aaron threw the ball for Bena in the backyard, which she can do for HOURS, by the way. Ava has started to laugh when she sees Bena, which is really cute. The kind of laughing where her whole body moves! Aaron was holding Ava when he was throwing the ball and she was straining to see her chase the ball and bring it back. She likes to see the action!

So Aaron brought out her Bumbo chair so she could sit and watch the whole thing. The Bumbo chair is fun for playtime (check out my post when Ava's cousin, Colin, came to visit). Aaron thinks her thighs are getting so big that the Bumbo might be getting too small. Hilarious!

You can see her smiling and laughing in this picture on the left. It's so fun to see the dog and baby play together. Most times, Bena is too absorbed in her activities, but she likes to check in on Ava and give her a sniff and maybe a lick.

It's been quite a week! Ava got a stomach bug on Sunday on the way home from the family reunion. Then I got sick Monday and stayed home from work. Since she wasn't feeling well either, Ava and I napped a lot together and I kept her with me instead of daycare. Then on Wed, Aaron felt sick. He took a nap and went to bed early and seemed fine. But then last night, Bena got sick in the bedroom. I couldn't believe how we all got sick, including the dog! I did more laundry this week than in my life! And because Ava was throwing up on me, I had to clean up myself and her. It was a mess, but she sure was happy even though you could tell she wasn't herself.

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