Friday, February 5, 2010

Pizza Night Family Tradition Continues

Last week, I blogged about starting a new family tradition, Friday Pizza Night. Aaron and I thought we can carry into when we're raising our kids, now that we're just about 5 weeks away from our first baby's estimated arrival! What I didn't think about was this tradition was an old school Berkey tradition from Aaron's childhood, too! I posted last week's blog on Facebook and my mother-in-law was so excited to hear about this tradition because she says they enjoyed the same homemade pizza night when they were raising Aaron and his sisters. The visions I have of our daughter helping with the topping on a stool in the kitchen will come true, down the road and it will give a nod to her Berkey roots.

My friends told me after my post that they do Pizza and Family Movie nights or Friday Family Sushi Night. Those are fun traditions that the family can participate in and remember when they're older. Who knows maybe they will continue them when they have kids like we are now.

Tonight's pizza: I used the dough-in-a-bag from Trader Joe's and added marinara, mozzarella, little sharp cheddar, sliced of leftover spicy wine and garlic chicken sausages from Trader Joe's, defrosted frozen spinach, and slices of green olives.

Frozen spinach is a convenient way to bulk nutritional content in a meal and it's easy to store (freezer), defrost and use quickly. Frozen spinach is a great value at $2 for 1lb of frozen, organic spinach compared to fresh spinach options. Check out my previous post for how to use it in pasta.

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