Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please Vote for Baby Ava's Hollywood Look-a-Like

The Berkey family reunion is coming up in a few weeks and we're co-hosting the big event with Aaron's sister and her husband. The funny thing is that both of us had babies in the last year so it was ironic that it was our turn to plan the event since we have young babies. Thank goodness the grandparents will be there to help. I was only 6-weeks along last July when they asked us to host and since we weren't ready to tell them, we agreed. Thank goodness Megan and Todd are helping us plan because it takes a lot of work to plan the weekend's activities.

This year's reunion theme is Hollywood! I'm so excited because Megan and I are fans of celebs and movies. Aaron had the idea to class it up and get champagne to toast (at a campsite!) which is hilarious. I'm going to find a red carpet and we're going to use celeb photos from our Us Weeklys. Here's the thing, we have to dress up as celebs, too!

Aaron is going as Keanu Reeves and I'm going as Kourtney Kardashian. But, I'm need some help on a celeb baby to dress up Ava...Please help me pick by adding your comment on who I should dress up Baby Ava as for the reunion!

My favorite pick so far isHarlow Madden (Nicole Richie's daughter)

What do you think? I'll post the pictures after the event!!


  1. Aaron is a great mix of Keanu and Paul Rudd, you'll be an awesome Kourtney and I think Ava will be great as Harlow. I can't think of any other recently born celebrity babies.

  2. How fun! You should play a mom who has a daughter, so you can be the mother/daughter duo!!