Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ava Gets Her Hair Washed to Battle A Beauty Disaster, Cradle Cap

Ava has been fighting a beauty disaster so young in life. We're not sure what to do. The poor girl has dandruff (dry scalp) and in the baby world, that's called cradle cap.

According to Baby Center, even though babies get flaky scalps, it's harmless. They're not sure what causes it, but there's nothing you can do to treat it. So the only thing we can do to relieve it is frequently wash her hair. I didn't think it bothered Ava that she had it, until one day she was screaming in her bed and she had all of her fingers in her hair where the cradle cap was on her head. I unlatched her to prevent her from ripping her hair out and then gave her a bath and washed her hair.

Last Saturday, it was getting bad again so Aaron washed Ava's hair. He gave her a mohawk, a great look for her, I think! Ha! Ava has really long her on the top of her head that when you lay it flat gives her some bangs almost. Not easily seen in this photo is her lovely mullet tail in the back of her head!

I just love the picture on the left with Ava and Aaron smiling at each other. Aaron is really gentle so he does a great job washing her hair. It was such as sweet moment that I had to post it!

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