Monday, May 23, 2011


Ava and I have been playing a cute game together. She thinks is really funny when you put something on your head and then take it off and put it on hers. Ava's daycare made this cute Easter Bunny hat and since we brought it home she's had fun playing with it, which is remarkable because some of the other babies instantly ripped and ruined their hat on the spot! That Bunny hat has been on my head, Aaron's head, and even the dog's head at times. Ava asks for it and then puts it on her own head and then takes it off.

It's the same game we play in the bathtub. When Ava is taking a bath, we put her cups on our heads. She cracks up because she knows the cup doesn't belong on our heads. This game comes in handy when she is getting her diaper changed. Right now she's too busy to get her lay down for her diaper change. Sometimes it's nice to have some fun distractions.

Here is Ava with her bunny hat. She's wearing a T-shirt from her daycare picture day. They give you a T-shirt with the child's picture on the front. It's roomy and comfy so she enjoyed hanging around the house with it that morning. Her pictures turned out great! She looks like a little lady.

She's only in the daycare nursery for one more month. By the end of June, Ava will transition in the toddler room where they take naps in a cot and have more activities like puzzles, drawing, and hand painting. I know she'll enjoy those, especially because dinner time features lots of hand painting on her tray! I'm a bit worried about the transition since she already has trouble napping in the afternoon at daycare. I've prepared myself for a 3-4 week adjustment period like it was when she moved to the older baby nursery last Fall. At least she'll know most of the babies in the room since they travel together as they grow.

This last picture is from last Friday afternoon when Ava sat next to her friends watching the daycare version of the Indy 500. Last year, Ava was the Indy 500 Queen! They daycare has push toys for toddlers and toy cars and trikes for the older children to race around a small course. Ava didn't race, but her caregiver told me that earlier that morning, she walked with push toy for a very long distance while they were setting up. So she got to have her fun! She will use that push toy forever at home! I need to take some pictures of that! She's making lots of progress towards walking on her own each day. She's now able to stand on her own for several seconds, but then when she realizes she's not holding on sits down. We are working on her body rotation to help her with skills for walking. Usually she plays with her shoulders, hips, and legs all in the same direction. We are helping her with rotation by sitting her on the bottom of step and encouraging her to rotate her shoulders to play with the toys. She's definitely getting the hang of it. Playtime is getting fun these days!

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