Sunday, May 1, 2011

Product Review: Eco-Friendly Baby and Toddler Tableware

Last month, I got a sampling of these adorable and very functional eco-friendly, BPA-free baby and toddler tableware from Dandelion. We had been using the metal spoons with the plastic coating on the tip and it's such a big difference since we switched these these spoons, which are made from a renewable resource - corn!

The yellow tableware is ultra modern and hip by design, but also ergonomic. The infant spoons (in the middle) are a perfect fit for tiny mouths and the curve of the tip holds soups really well. They are lightweight, which is nice because I think the metal option might to be dangerous if your child likes to play with the spoon as a toy, which mine does! I take her spoon to daycare and our caregiver loved them so much she asked me for the website so she could buy some for a gift. A 6-pack of spoons costs $6.99, which s pretty good.

Ava isn't ready for the plates or the toddler fork and spoon, but the chubby style will fit nicely in small hands that are learning to use utensils.

The only downside is that the tableware is not dishwasher safe. We follow the instructions to wash with warm soapy water and let air dry. With all the dish washing we do by hand, it's not a problem for us, but you have to be careful not too put them in by mistake.

We haven't used the divided plates yet, but they are going to be great when Ava starts using plates and the toddler utensils. At 13-months, she's at the stage that everything hits the floor so we serve her a few items on her tray and let her experiment. Everything is lightweight enough so if your baby threw it, it wouldn't harm anything.

Give it a try! I think they are a nice gift item for a new baby or 1st birthday for the eco-friendly parents out there.

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  1. We have the same tableware! Accidentally put the plate through the dishwasher. It's a little warped now, but still good. :)