Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy 10-Months

Ava is now 10-months old and growing like crazy. She's now only wearing 12-month clothing. I have some clothes that luckily is 12-18months, but I need to stock up on the next size up because she's growing so fast!

With 4 teeth already, she has another 4 on the way! We can see the 2 teeth on the top and bottom on either side of her current teeth coming out soon. Her gums are swollen and she needs to bite down, but doesn't put things (including teethers) in her own mouth. I put my own pinky finger and she bit down really hard, leaving marks on my skin. Nursing is interesting with the new teeth! The teeth are sharp when they first come out and she's still getting used to having them. It's not bad at all though.

Here's a quick look at some of her favorite activities right now...

Singing and dancing to music. Dancing includes bobbing up and down and the little baby rhythm, too! If you sing to her, she will sing with you. Her favorite music is Veggie Tales and I downloaded it for her from iTunes and she lights up when we play it in the kitchen. We are always dancing in the kitchen together.

Talking in every tone of voice and pitch. Ava loves to match the tone of the sound of the blender, coffee grinder or even another baby's cry.

Ava lo
ves to explore everything, including the cardboard boxes from shipping materials to spatulas, to fresh produce! Aaron will use a box to make a drumbeat and Ava will dance to it! She goes nuts with excitement when I pull oranges out of the refrigerator because she likes to play with them. Usually she rolls them like a bowling ball. And when you toss them in the air and catch them, it rocks her world.Grandma Anna and Bernard sent Ava this Amigo Carebear for Christmas and she loves it. It's a bilingual bear, helping her learn Spanish.

Getting mobile! Last weekend, Ava learned to scoot backwards on her bottom in a sitting position and on her tummy. Check out the short video. Her scooting is primarily on the hard wood floors, but the carpets are great for rolling around and pushing up on her arms and legs sometimes.

Transitioning (slowly) to her crib for more comfort. Last weekend, we bought Ava a crib mattress and put the finishing touches on her room. We've had her with us in the cosleeper bed, which has been so convenient and cozy, but the mattress on it is very thin and we think she'll be more comfortable with a bit more room and a cushy mattress in her crib. We put her in the crib on Sunday night for the first time. She slept very well in there and then when she woke up at 3am to nurse, I brought her to bed with us for the rest of the night since I had to wake up at 5:30am for work. It's going to be a slow transition because of night nursing. She sleeps in a crib at daycare, which helps with the transition. We put her in the crib while she was awake and playful to get her comfortable in it.

Ava is so snuggly! You can see my new ring sling in this picture. I love it because it's adjustable. Ava loves to snuggle and sleep in the sling. I just love it. The day I took this picture, I was making frosting for my red velvet cupcakes with the Kitchen Aid mixer and she woke up from her nap, but wanted to be held. I put her in the sling and made the frosting with her sleeping in the sling to the sound of the mixer. She even slept through Costco and Trader Joe's shopping trips in the sling! I bought the ring sling because it's easier to nurse the baby on the go. I haven't quite mastered that yet, but we've practiced around the house to try it out. Soon I'll be a pro.

We're loving this special time with Ava!

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