Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vitamin D Drops for My Breastfed Baby: Decision Made!

If you saw my post last week, you know that I've been struggling with my decision on how and if to supplement Ava with Vitamin D. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have started recommending Vitamin D drops for breastfed babies because the primary way people get Vitamin D is through sun exposure (from the skins reaction to the sun). This is true for adults and children. Since babies have tender skin and shouldn't be in the sun, the AAP recommends supplementing. Vitamin D is important for bone strength and helps in calcium absorptions, which is why whole milk is fortified with Vitamin D.

Our pediatrician recommended TriViSol or VitASol, which I found out are made by Enfamil. I bought TriViSol in a hurry without reading the label. It turns out there's artificial flavors and other vitamins like A and C, that my baby doesn't need. In fact, I've read that breastfed babies are able to absorb vitamins and nutrients present in human milk because it's highly digestible.

Most supplements are just passed through the baby and not absorbed through the body. This is true for iron for example. Human milk is lower in iron than formula, but the baby has stores from pregnancy gestation and absorbs iron in the human milk because it's again, easily digestible. It's not until the baby is about 6-months that you can add iron to the baby's diet through solid foods. Check out this great resource page from

I was lucky that I ran into the lactation consultant that works at the hospital near my house and led my breastfeeding group. She recommended Carlson because it's just Vitamin D. She and I discussed Le Leche League's position on Vitamin D supplementation and she said that Ava is not likely to get Rickets, from Vitamin D deficiency, because of her complexion and access to sunshine.

My decision...
The point was that Ava's doctor wanted her to have Vitamin D, which I want to supplement on days that we're not in the sun. On days that we're outside taking a walk or she's exposed for 10 minutes, then I won't supplement. I decided AGAINST the TriViSol because of all the additives. I bought Carlson Baby D-Drops from my local hospital's pharmacy, but I know they also sell it at Whole Foods. I LOVED the directions. You turn the small bottle upside down and it automatically dispenses the drop of 400 IU of PURE Vitamin D. They recommend you drop it right on the mom's nipple (or pacifier) and start the feeding. The baby should suck for 30 seconds.

Carlson understands breastfeeding moms because we tend to be more holistic minded. Thank you, Carlson. Thanks to the the moms that have recommended it to me!

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