Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ava's Fun Playtime

Playtime: Ava is 10 weeks old now. Here are some fun videos that I took last week of Ava's playtime. The first video is her playing with mom at night. I talk to her and she likes to coo and play by moving her arms and legs. It's really fun to see her socialize!

At daycare there's a baby boy that's only a few weeks older than her. The caregivers like to sit them together because they look at each other and smile! So cute! They sit by each other in the swings or on the play mat. I see a budding friendship in the making!

Starting to Roll! Ava is able to roll to her side, mostly just to her right side at this point. It's something she's been working on the last couple weeks and now she's able to balance herself on her side. I watched the Indy qualifying coverage this weekend and I had Ava in the basement with me and she rolled and played on the floor down there. All this new activity is making her more hungry and want to nurse more when we're together. I've heard this from other Le Leche League moms that say when they're babies are doing something new like walking, they are more into nursing because they want the comfort. Plus, I just think she has a bit appetite when she's awake.

Work Schedule...I'm loving my new work transition schedule. I work in the office a full day during the week and work from home the rest. I take her to daycare for half-days when I'm working at home. It's great because I can see her more and I work while she's napping or playing. The daycare schedule is so flexible that I have here there when I have meetings and conference calls. Beginning June 7, I'll be in the office Mon, Wed, and Thurs and then working form home the others. It's going to be great! I cook a big meal on Sunday and I've been using the crockpot a lot for meals the rest of the week. It's working out really well. We're getting into the swing of things.

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  1. Violet is demanding "More Ava!"

    What a doll! She has changed so much in 10 weeks. Glad the work schedule is panning out.