Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get Your ZZzzzzz.....

I think that sleeping is highly under-rated in our frantic culture these days. But, sleep is essential to our overall wellness. The benefits of getting adequate sleep are clear - brain concentration and focus, metabolic health, psychological rejuvenation, and preventing premature aging.

Today, my spin class my instructor emphasized the key contributing factors to improving your metabolic efficiency and the relative weight they carry in the big picture.

  • 20% - Exercise (combination of strength training & cardio)
  • 40% - Good nutrition (including water)
  • 40% - Adequate sleep

Then, I came across this article today that was interesting. It from an expert on MSN, Martica Hearner, about making time to exercise with a busy lifestyle. I really like her advice.

"Keep in mind that not only does sleep play a role, but some people are morning people and some people are night people. So how alert and energized you are during morning or evening workouts may depend on your natural biological rhythm."

So the key is it's all about knowing yourself. When you're trying to achieve lifestyle balance, focus on priorities is key. Your priorities help you logically where to spend your energy and time, while knowing your personal strengths/weaknesses and body conditions.

Go ahead....empower yourself to get some sleep. Now, I will take my own advice and go to bed!

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