Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two-Year Old Art

"Look at my sparkly purple guitar, Mama"
A few weeks ago, we went through a big purge of all the art projects from Ava's daycare. Every week we bring home a tall stack of artifacts of Ava's world.

I filled up an entire laundry basket with the art projects and sorted through all of it. We saved some for us as a keepsake and others for her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Others went to the recycling bin.

Saving my favorites to digital before the recycling!
I also found some old papers from when Ava was 18-months that reported about her day at school. I laughed when I saw her meals. One day she had 6-oz of breast milk in her sippy cup, a muffin for a snack, a taste of ketchup, bun and fruit for lunch. It reminded me of the days that Ava hardly ate any food. She was a late bloomer for eating solid foods. But now, she's eating so much and growing tall!

I'm always amazed by all the textures, colors, mediums that the art projects explore. They do seasonal art with dry leaves in the Fall or paint with balls or cookie cutters.

Now in her two-year old classroom, they do art with lots of glitter, scissors, glue sticks, crepe paper, paper plates, paints, and cutouts. The hat Ava is wearing in this photo says "Hooray for Me." That week, she proudly wore that hat when I arrived to pick her up.

It makes me feel good that she enjoys this time in her life. Art to her is playing with soapy water while exploring red apples and spatulas. Even though we purged the art, we know that the experience is not lost. She enjoyed the process of making the art and her parents enjoy looking at all the fun things she has done!

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