Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ava's First Haircut

Yesterday, we finally took Ava in to get her first haircut. I've been trimming her bangs when it got in her face, but Ava's hair was starting to become a mix of her first baby hair and the her thicker new hair. She was growing a glorious mullet in the back! It was getting so long and more prominent since her thicker hair was so much shorter. After we combed her hair, it still looked so crazy. Thankfully, my salon was able to cut her hair before my scheduled appointment. Aaron came with me and we did the haircut right in the beginning. She was in a good mood since it was still early enough in the morning. She was shy at first when she saw the staff, but she sat on my lap while my stylist went to work on her new do.

We love her new haircut! After she was done, she danced around on her tip toes like a ballerina in the salon turning around so we could see her new style.
The "before" picture on her birthday.

Ava sitting on mama's lap during her first haircut.

After: No more mullet! Her new bob haircut is so cute for Spring!

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