Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Wishes from the Berkey's!

Sitting on the side of the house on a chilly December afternoon.


Looking like a little girl, more than a baby these days.

A serious face.
The holidays are among us! Wasn't it just Halloween or Thanksgiving? I've never experienced such as fast pace of life until I became a mother! Life is so busy, fun, and sometimes stressful. But at the end of the day when we're all together as a family, it's the most precious time. So many people look back so fondly at the time when their children were young and I'm hoping to enjoy every stage as much as possible.

We're leaving for Aaron's parent's house to celebrate Christmas with his family in Northern Indiana. We're going to see his grandmother, sisters and their husbands, our nephew, and close family friends.

But first, I wanted to share some family photos that we took a couple weeks ago on a chilly afternoon. Our friend, Shawn, takes all of our family photos and since he sees Ava often, she's really comfortable with him. She was in a playful mood, which helped. Shawn waited for the perfect moment for the sunset and he got a great shot of all of us.

Happy Holidays from the Berkey's!
Her favorite book right now is the Charlie Brown Christmas book with sound buttons. It was given to her by Grandma Anna.
Ava loves books.

Happy girl.

Ava loves her kid-size rocking chair.

6 years of marriage have flown by!

Aaron had a good idea to take photos of just us.

Our family in the front yard just as the sun was setting.

Last photo of the shoot.

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