Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rocking Chair

Ava received a fun birthday gift from her grandma and grandpa Berkey that also has some family history.

Her grandparents came down to celebrate with us for her ladybug-theme first birthday party and brought Ava her very own kid-sized wooden rocking chair. The chair is a replica of a rocking chair that they originally got for Aaron when he was a baby. Ava gets to follow the fun tradition and have her own special chair like her Daddy.

Even though she's only a year old, she knows how to rock in it and laughs the entire time! She gets the rocking action going and then over time starts to inch forward. As she scoots forward, she eventually launches herself forward and lands on the floor on her feet. Good thing Mommy and Daddy are close by to make sure she doesn't fall and hurt herself. It's very entertaining for all of us!

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