Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes, Now a First Time Mom

From this to that in only a week! This was my last pregnancy picture. I took it only days before I delivered Ava on Friday March 12. The Wednesday before I had tons of energy! I was at the office in meetings and working on projects. I got my haircut after work and ran into some coworkers late at the office that were commenting about how much energy I had for being nearly 40 weeks pregnant! I should have know that I was going into labor soon. I've heard from other moms that they got a burst of energy before they went into labor. Yesterday, Ava turned one-week old and we're enjoying every minute. Ok, the crying fits aren't as fun, but now that she's here we love cuddling with her. The picture above was taken this week when I was trying to wake her up from her coma-like sleep to eat. I wanted to remember this because I think this is how she was settled inside the womb. The ultrasounds always showed her upside down and with her legs crossed like this. She has lots of dark brown hair and it's always unruly. So cute!

My step-mom is coming out this Tues for about a week to help us and visit with her new grand baby. Then in few weeks, my mom and aunt are coming out for a week to visit us. Aaron's parents will come back for Easter weekend. We're getting lots of help from the family! But this weekend, it's just the three of us enjoying our new little cozy family. Aaron is off work on Monday since his company has a special event on Friday and he'll have to work all day and late into the night. Thank goodness my mom will be here to relieve me with little Ava.

I've been spending lots of time in our room where we have Ava set-up. Aaron and I have chats together in our room and even eat dinner in there since I only get a few minutes to scarf down food between feedings, changing diapers, and holding her. Aaron has been able to work half days at work to keep up with his responsibilities there, but he's able to do everything at home. I haven't been feeling mobile until today. Since I can't do the stairs often, he's been doing housework and even bringing me mail upstairs. I'm feeling very spoiled!

Off to take care of the little one.

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